How did the Team make Unforgettable?

Well, to start off with this blog of (partially) mine, how did Unforgettable become a thing? Actually, I didn’t come up with the name, instead, The Team Leader and The Writer came up with the name, as I wasn’t in class that day. To have a title of a magazine or even a blog (Or anything in general), you need to have something both original and eye-popping, so The Team (Minus me) came up with Unforgettable. It might sound generic, but at least it isn’t…Unforgettable!



I’m sorry for that.





The Magazine That Inspired Me…

Originally, I was going to post about three magazines that inspired me, but I just couldn’t do that. I have only read one series of magazines, one that I kept close to my heart, one I cared about, one that I ACTUALLY read. The magazines I’m talking about, is MAD Magazine. I know, it’s filled with pretty raunchy humor, makes fun of things that people love (Star Wars for example), and is apparently, “Politically Incorrect” to most. I have one thing to say (In the most appropriate way too), it’s a joke, MAD was created to make people laugh, get your head out of the dirt and just laugh along.¬† I HATE the fact that there are people who try to shut down ideas, jokes, and even opinions because they don’t like them, not only it that violating the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Petition, Assemble), but it could make others thinks that we shouldn’t think outside of the box. That is DISGUSTING in my opinion (Oh wait, I can’t say that, oops.).

MAD Magazine has existed since 1952, and it’s still going strong today in 2017. It has plenty of jokes, mainly making fun of pop culture, or recent news (At the time of the issue.) I don’t have a lot of issues of MAD, but I’ve always thought they were funny, even as a young child (When I got a few issues from some storage bins my dad had). I still have these issues and I even have a few issues of Cracked, which you might know more as a website, where it was more or less a knock-off of MAD. I read these MAD issues when I can and I can’t help but laugh.

When I mentioned that I was going to talk about three magazines and that I’ve only really read MAD, I wasn’t lying. I don’t have enough Cracked issues for me to consider as a series of magazines, and I don’t read a lot of magazines, with the exceptions of the headlines of tabloids. I love MAD, and it’s inspired me to be funny, and it’s one of my many inspirations or my (hopefully) future job as a comedian, and has the famous Alfred E. Newman said, “What me worry?” What me worry everyone…

I have a theory! An old theory, but I have one!

Now as an extra post for today, I have a theory on an episode of a show called, “The Twilight Zone”

Before I begin, what IS The Twilight Zone? It was a show that aired in 1959-1964 and there are what I call revised editions that aired in later years (But right now, I’m going to talk about the original series). The show is like a somewhat more adult version of Goosebumps, not that it had anything explicit, but it does have that more mature feel (and maybe kids in the 50’s weren’t allowed to watch it) to it. There are many plots that range from comical to strange to spooky. In this case, I’ll talk about the episode, “The Living Doll”, in question.

The plot of The Living Doll is pretty spooky in my opinion. It stars a man named Eric Streator, a man who recently married a woman named Annabelle, who has a daughter named Christie. Annabelle recently bought a doll for Christie, a doll known as, Talky Tina. To Annabelle, Talky Tina is a doll who helps Christie. To Christie, Talky Tina is her world and a shield from Eric, since Eric is VERY hostile to her (As shown though out the whole episode). To Eric, Talky Tina starts out as an annoyance, then as some prank from Annabelle and Christie, and at the end, the thing that kills him.

Now to the theory in question, what if Talky Tina was fueled by Christie’s rage against Eric’s abusive nature? Now I doubt that anyone and everyone who will read this post even Googled the episode, but I’ll try my best to explain my evidence. Note that Rod Sterling hosted this episode (Again, please note this, as this will be important later).

At the very start of the episode, Annabelle tells Eric that Talky Tina can comfort Christie, and even mentions that Christie’s Docter/Therapist says that it’s not her fault that she feels rejected. There’s also the fact that Eric does yell at Christie for winding up Talky Tina twice, and keeps emotionally hurting Christie during most of the episode. You can also see the emotion in Christie”s face and tone. There’s also the climax to look into, as her emotions are really prominent. Here’s how the scene goes:

(Eric walks into Christie’s room to see that Talky Tina is in her arms, which is odd since he thought Talky Tina was in the basement.)

Talky Tina: I told you that you would be sorry.

(Eric tries to take Tina)

Talky Tina: Christie. Wake up Christie!

(Christie wakes up and questions why Eric is taking Talky Tina away, and even begs for Eric to give Talky Tina back)

Christie: *Crying* Daddy, daddy, please-

Eric: *shouts* I’m not your Daddy!

This does get Annabelle’s attention and even argues about giving the doll back, but no use. Annabelle also comforts Christie, who is still crying. The rest of the episode then plays with Annabelle thinking and even talking about leaving Eric and taking Christie with her, Eric soon giving Talky Tina back, and the ending. I’m not going to spoil most of it, but the narrator, Rod Sterling, says something that sparked this theory:

Sterling: Of course, we all know doll can’t really talk, and they certainly can’t commit murder. But to a child caught in the middle of a turmoil, a doll can be many things: Friend, defender, guardian. Especially a doll like Talky Tina, who did talk and did commit murder – in the misty region of the Twilight Zone.

Now, what’s so important about this ending narration? Well, take another look at the second sentence, it states that a child caught up in turmoil, a doll can be anything, even a savior of sorts. When I hear this, I think that Christie thought of ¬†Tina as a shield, which might be why Christie was more upset (When Tina was taken away) than in the rest of the episode. You can also say that Talky Tina tells Christie to wake up when Eric tries to take Tina because Christie cares for Tina and they both have a dislike for Eric (Christie dislike Eric because of his abusive nature, and with Talky Tina, it’s already obvious at this point.) the scene could’ve just ended with Eric taking Talky Tina and cut to the next scene, but no. No, it didn’t end like that. So that’s my tiny (And possibly poor) theory on a show from the late 50’s to early 60’s. Thanks for reading.

What to do with Hurricane Irma!

Before I begin, I must remind everyone on what a hurricane is. To put it in the quickest and simplest way, a hurricane is like a tornado’s mom: You don’t mess with them. A hurricane has categories that determine what kind of damage it will do. It ranges from Category 1 to Category 5 (Or as SOME people say with Irma, Category 6), but sometimes, a hurricane turns into a Tropical Storm/Depression.

Now that this’s settled, Hurricanes can do anything to whatever they hit. They can destroy buildings, flood areas, and is just a giant problem for everyone involved. It’s even worse when it’s Hurricane Season here in Florida.

There are things to do when there’s a hurricane looming over you, like, Get some non-perishable food, get tons and tons of water, DON’T get into the hurricane, the usual. That’s what you SHOULD do.



Also, there are the fonts! The fonts of my blog need to be explained! I didn’t pick them, The Others did, and I agreed, I also thought they were pretty. I will say, that our Heading fonts are Tangerine and our Base fronts are Quattocento San (Insert bad pun here). That’s pretty much it.